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Re-imagining Spaces From Western NY and the Finger Lakes to the Adirondack Park

What makes a house a home is in the details

My time-tested process always starts with getting to know you and understanding how you live.  I then bring together the best home design practices including incorporating important components of Feng Shui and Biophilia, and always considering Universal Design principles. The details are what make the space work for you.

Master Bath Remodel
Master Bedroom Interior Design

Creating Beautiful Spaces

As a residential designer, I partner with homeowners, builders & architects. Whether working on a custom home build or a renovation, my focus is on the interior of your structure and assuring your space best serves you.  By working with me from the beginning of the process, I will provide high-level feedback, educate you on your options, and save you money and stress by defining potential issues and guiding you. Together we will create a home you will love today and tomorrow.

Her design was so creative and out of the box in terms of the interpretation of the space. Her scope of knowledge in design and construction added so much value to this project. We could never have done it without her!

-Renee Honeoye Falls

Your home & your health

"Our homes, community, and surrounding environment directly affect our daily behaviors and lifestyles, and together these determine 80-90% of our health outcomes. They have a huge impact on our health and wellbeing"   The Global Wellness Institute

Master Bathroom Design