Q Can I only hire a designer in the begining of my project?

     A Although it would be most beneficial to start from the begining, no project is too big or too small. A designer can help rescue you from a project that's gotten out of hand or simply help with finish selections. Keep in mind that things like plumbing and electrical need to be considered at very early stages and can be costly to change later.


Q Are you an architect, can you stamp plans?

     A No, I am not an architect, and only a licensed architect or engineer can stamp plans. I am able to assist with drawings and plans, and then have architects and engineers who will review and are able to then stamp plans.


Q What do I do first? Do I need a permit?

     A Depending on the project and the municipality you are working with dictates whether you need a permit. But that's putting the cart before the horse. Your first step is to meet with your designer or other professionals potentially involved in the job. They will help you understand your project, timelines, persons involved and help you see a step by step where you need to start. Depending on the project the contractor may be responsible for the permits.


Q My house needs a much bigger project than I can afford?

     A Meeting with your designer will help define what your exact needs are and also what might be more immediate. They may be able to help you to see other alternatives or even break your project into stages.

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