November 3, 2017

January 19, 2017

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Home For The Holidays

November 3, 2017


HGTV and social media have created a lot of unrealistic expectations about what you can do with your home. They come in the form of cost and availability but the biggest is time. In 30 minutes you see a space brought from coal to diamonds. The perception has become that design is quick and easy.

There are 3 weeks until Thanksgiving. 45 days until Christmas, 52 until the New Year. Summer flew by and now you don’t know where fall went. You’re hosting the holidays and you had plans to do so many things. Now that I have you completely paralyzed, let’s put this into perspective. Understanding the design process and what to expect will save you time, money & stress. What you don’t see on HGTV are the teams behind the scenes designing, sourcing products, and coordinating contractors for weeks and months before filming.

Were you planning to remodel your kitchen? A kitchen remodel will take you a minimum of 6 months, generally more. Examining and understanding your needs can be the longest part of the process. Once designed you’ll need to select finishes. Cabinets will take a minimum of 4-6 weeks to arrive. Once installed, you can template and order your counter. Plan at least another 3 weeks for fabrication. (My small vanity top took 8 weeks due to high demand) If you’re not keeping the same footprint of your space, allow time to not only move the walls but the mechanicals within them. Something as big as remodeling your kitchen deserves your investment in the process.

Anytime there are changes happening in your environment it will be stressful, add holidays and family and you have a recipe for disaster. Give yourself an early gift, and let go of the visions you had for your home for the holidays. Now empower yourself.


So what can you do in an afternoon before the holidays?


-If you’re a DIYer you could give your main bath a fresh coat of paint. Add a good scrub and new towels and within a few hours your space is guest ready.


-Enter your home the way your guests will. How does the door look? The weather may not be advantageous for painting, but a simple cleaning makes a difference. Hose off the porch or walk. Wash any windows. Add a new doormat and fresh wreath. Once inside is there somewhere to sit and remove shoes? How about a small table to set packages while you’re removing your coat?


- Organize your pantry. Check expiration dates. Create a shopping list that gets you stocked for the holidays. Inventory your serving pieces and utensils. Create a new snack zone for the kids so they won’t be underfoot while you’re cooking.


- How about some one on one time with your child. Grab their favorite snack, put on some fun music and enable them to own their space. Help them sort their room, donate unused toys and clothes. Let them pick out new storage bins.


Whether you do one or all of these things, keep a pencil & paper handy. If you notice a need – “replace the bulb in the guestroom lamp”, or a dream- “I wish I had a bigger closet”, jot it down. This will help you take care of immediate needs, and you’ll start to understand how you live and use your space. Now give yourself another gift, start dreaming about your space. Take time to enjoy your holiday, curl up with a mug of hot cocoa and create a HOUZZ account. Create ideabooks of things you like. After the New Year schedule a consultation with a designer who will help you to understand how or if your dreams might apply to your home and budget, and best of all get you started in time for the holidays of 2018.

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